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This video was filmed in Eastern Pennsylvania and showcases realistic street riding from a variety of talented individuals who reside within the state. A large majority of the filming was conducted in the Philadelphia region over the past 2-3 years. The projects goal is to document the stylistic approach to riding on less than perfect obstacles that the area has been and continues to be known for. -Jon Schimpf

Filmed and edited by Jon Schimpf.

- Jib Tape 4 收錄了賓州東部街道選手過去2-3年間所集結而成的鏡頭,奇異的地形加上刁鑽的街道路線,喜歡東岸風格的朋友們一定會喜歡!

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jib: tape number four // sixty.second.promo_2.of.2 🌙 from Jib on Vimeo.